Diagram of Life will be live soon!

image of paul james till

Hi. Welcome to my Diagram of Life. I say welcome - it's not quite ready yet, but the plan is to go live and publish a graphical guide, hopefully next year (2018, that is).

The accompanying book, The Love of Life, has been edited, proofread and read - actually, re-drafted, re-edited, re-proofread...re-edited, ... you get the idea - and is now pretty much ready.

If you would like a free review copy then please do get in touch. Also, as an early-bird offer, I'll be running a few giveaways once it is, certainly at least for the second book of the series, so do sign up if you’d like to hear about how to get it for free, and, of course, when the diagrammatic stuff is ready.

(I promise I will not pass out any details to anyone and I take data security seriously).

Hear about book give-aways and diagram progress

Also, I intend to soon create a blog, in which I will share reflections on anything from writing to the deeper depths of life.

In the meantime, I will be ansering any questions anyone may have and will gladly appreciate any feedback of any nature.

I will look forward to connecting with you!